Combined American Dahlia Society,
2019 Midwest Dahlia Conference,
2019 West Michigan Dahlia Society
Show Report


Best Entry of Show Wyn's Neon Dream Todd Imhoff
Flower of the Year Islander Kathy Stevenson
Largest Bloom of Show Aggie White Chandler/Chuey
Best Arrangement   Kathy Stevenson
Best Photograph Kids & Critters Trevor Hoff
ADS Seedling Achievement Award Nellie & Grace Bud Ervin
King of Show Wyn's Neon Dream Todd Imhoff
Queen of Show Clearview Edie Chandler/Chuey
Prince of Show Bloomquist Roger Chandler/Chuey
Princess of Show Sheval Megan K&W Dahlias
Best Novice Bloom Parkland Rave Gary Polenychko
Best AA Small Grower AC Jeri Dave Walton
Best AA Middle Grower Wyn's Neon Dream Todd Imhoff
Best AA Large Grower Inland Dynasty Bud Ervin
Best 3AA AC Johnson R&L Probst
Best A Small Grower Coral Jupiter Dave Walton
Best A Middle Grower Clearview Edie Todd Imhoff
Best A Large Grower Clearview Edie Chandler/Chuey
Best 3A Verda Chandler/Chuey
Best B Small Grower Westerton Lilian Dave Walton
Best B Middle Grower Alpen Bill R&L Probst
Best B Large Grower Bloomquist Roger Chandler/Chuey
Best 3B Hilltop St. Charles Bud Ervin
Best BB Small Grower Embrace Tony Evangelista
Best BB Middle Grower Parkland Rave Barb Thenikl
Best BB Large Grower Sheval Megan K&W Dahlias
Best 3BB Bloomquist Barbara K&W Dahlias
Best Miniature Clearview Jannae K&W Dahlias
Best 3Miniature Scott's Snocap Mark Oldenkamp
Best Ball Snoho Doris K&W Dahlias
Best 3Ball Clearview Daniel Bud Ervin
Best Miniature Ball Chimacum Troy Bud Ervin
Best 3Miniature Ball Sir Richard Bud Ervin
Best Pom Pon Pride of Place K&W Dahlias
Best 3Pom Pon Irish Glow Bud Ervin
Best Stellar Bloomquist Pumpkin K&W Dahlias
Best 3Stellar Alloway Candy Bud Ervin
Best Waterlily Pam Howden K&W Dahlias
Best 3Waterlily Cameo Bud Ervin
Best Peony Stillwater Raspberry Karen Sanchez
Best 3Peony Stillwater Raspberry Karen Sanchez
Best Anemone Mexico Gerald Kloc
Best 3Anenome Alpen Fury Bud Ervin
Best Collarette Baron Aunt Dorothy K&W Dahlias
Best 3Collarette Baron Aunt Dorothy Ron Miner
Best Orchid Midnight Star K&W Dahlias
Best 3Orchid Honka Mike Parrish
Best Orchette Fancy Pants K&W Dahlias
Best 3Orchette Fancy Pants Bud Ervin
Best Disc Novelty   no entries
Best 3Disc Novelty   no entries
Best Double Novelty Valley Porcupine R&L Probst
Best 3Double Novelty Valley Porcupine Keith Berven
Best Single Rae Ann's Alexandria Karen Sanchez
Best 3Single Carl Tom Rumple
Best Mignon Single Inflammation Karen Sanchez
Best 3Mignon Single OJ's Sunspot Ron Miner
Best Micro U2 Ania Ron Miner
Best R-1 Clearview Edie Ed Robert
Best R-2 Bargaly Blush K&W Dahlias
Best R-3 Ferncliff Lemon Aura Bud Ervin
Best R-4 Snoho Doris K&W Dahlias
Best R-5 Midnight Star Bud Ervin
Best R-6 Pam Howden K&W Dahlias
Best Midwest Origination Rejman's Polish Kid Bud Ervin
Novice Sweepstakes   Gary Polenychko
Small Grower Sweepstakes   Keith Berven
Middle Grower Sweepstakes   R & L Probst
Large Grower Sweepstakes   Bud Erven
Grand Sweepstakes   Kuiper/Waggoner

Photo: Cadet
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